Fall Means Football, Halloween and Snow

Posted by Thomas November 14th, 2010

Sorry it’s been a while since we have posted. This fall has been a lot of fun and really busy with Thomas being out of town to Georgia, San Diego and Detroit within a month. In between trips, he managed to take Jacob to his first BYU game.


Jacob had a great time watching the big screen, pointing out balloons as they floated by, or looking at all the fun people around him. He managed to claps a few times as well, although Thomas was pretty sure it was because he heard cheering and not because he actually noticed the game going on. He also thought it was pretty cool that he had his own seat.


We also took Jacob Trick or Treating for Halloween. He enjoyed pulling his candy out of his jack-o-lantern bucket and putting it back in.


We thought he looked pretty cute as a giraffe.


Jacob also experienced his first snowfall (not really, but it was the first time he was aware of snowflakes). It was fun to see him try and figure out what it was as it fell from the sky. He was literally amazed, and would try and grab it, pick it up as it landed, wade through it. It’s so refreshing to see him experience new things that we take for granted. Life is a series of new adventures for him right now, and he really enjoys exploring and learning and discovering.