Three Short Stories

Posted by Thomas October 10th, 2010

Story One (from Erin’s perspective): I have a hard time getting a shower in the morning while Jacob is awake and active.  One morning this past week I had a brilliant idea.  I blocked off the kitchen, blocked off the bathroom door (but left it open so I could hear what was going on), and made sure the barricaded area was safe.  Then I jumped in the shower while Jacob played in the living room area.  At first he whined by the bathroom door but after a short while I started hearing happy sounds from the living room and congratulated myself on such a great idea.  When I got out of the shower I saw Jacob in the living room with an entire package of  goldfish crackers scattered on the floor around him.  I had accidentally left the package within his reach on the couch.  He was having a great time pouring them out, eating some, and pretending to put them back in the container.  I caught him red handed as you can tell by the following picture.  The picture doesn’t show his delight at being surrounded by his favorite snack and he gave me a big grin when he saw me.  It was a small price to pay for a few quiet minutes in the shower.


Story Two: Jacob loves wearing Dad’s hats.



Jacob loves wearing Dad’s hats while sitting in a big person chair reading the paper and pointing out all the things he wants for Halloween.


Story Three (from Thomas’ perspective): During the third hour of Church today, I took Jacob with me to visit the Teacher’s Quorum. Jacob was reverent and attentive the entire time (seriously). Then, during the closing prayer with everyone kneeling in a circle, Jacob passed gas so loud it rattled his diaper. Everyone in the room heard it and could barely contain themselves. On cue, Jacob let off another diaper rattler. That’s my boy!