Summer Leftovers

Posted by Thomas September 26th, 2010


Thomas had the hiking bug this summer, so that meant Jacob did as well. Jacob really enjoyed meeting his uncle Jeremy as they hiked to Red Pine Lake up Little Cottonwood Canyon in Utah.


Early in the summer, we found a babysitter and used a couple of free passes to catch a movie in Provo. We showed up early enough that we had to wait in line for the theater to open. When they let us in and we tried to find a seat, the people ahead of us had saved so many seats that the only two unclaimed seats next to each other were on the second row. Not cool. There were at least 10 people who were saving 3 or more seats. Thomas went to look for a theater employee or manager and couldn’t find one. So, the following day, Erin let the theater know we were disappointed that so many people were saving seats for people who weren’t present when we were! The next day, we received an email from the theater manager apologizing. He also sent us 4 passes for any movie. Kudos to Cinemark for providing excellent customer service.

Anyway, we went back in July to see Toy Story 3 with two of our free passes. (The passes are good for any movie, by the way, which is killer). When we showed up in the theater, this is what we found:


The picture quality is bad, but it shows Erin sitting in a COMPLETELY EMPTY theater. We were tempted to save the whole thing for some phantom friends, but decided a good laugh about the situation would suffice. Needless to say, our view of the film was excellent this time around.

This is one of Thomas’ favorite recent pictures of Jacob:


Everywhere we go people comment on how cute, or how fun, or how smiley, or how happy Jacob is. He’s a great kid and we love him!