Bells Canyon

Posted by Thomas July 28th, 2010

July was brutal. Thomas was working constantly on a large proposal for work and was out of town for 9 days, during which Erin was at Girls Camp. Now, with all of that done, we took some time to be together as a family. Naturally, that meant heading into the mountains.


We decided to hike to the waterfall in Bells Canyon, which is located one canyon south of Little Cottonwood Canyon in Salt Lake City. The hike starts in Sandy and heads straight up into the hills.DSC06367

After about a mile of hiking in the scrub oak and sagebrush, we came across a more forested area with the creek we would follow to the waterfall.


From here, the trail headed up and up and up. The consistent rhythm of hiking put Jacob to sleep.


We woke him up when we reached the waterfall. He was happy we did. He kept pointing at the waterfall and rocks, which means “I want to play in that!”


After a long, uphill hike, the waterfall was refreshing, relaxing and rewarding.


So was the view down the canyon.


After we made it back to the car, Jacob decided to kick back a bit.


It’s rough riding on the back of a lumbering man.