“I’ll be right back”

Posted by Erin July 14th, 2009

Katelyn caught in the act

Our adorable niece Katelyn visited us over the weekend, along with her parents. At 2 years old, she already has very good manners. Every time her dad changes her diaper, she says “thanks daddy!” But the best indication of her manners comes when she needs to pick her nose. She will say “I’ll be right back,” hide herself around the corner, and begin to pick. This picture, taken from Valentine’s Day of this year, shows that even with her finger up her nose, she’s still pretty cute.

On deck

Thomas has been playing on a softball team this spring and summer, and they have reached the championship game in their division. As usual I’ve had a great time watching him play, chatting it up with all the wives and bribing the kids with suckers.  Thomas has had an amazing year being coach and it’s become a fun family tradition with a bunch of our friends during softball season.  Some of our friends are moving away and we are also looking at houses this next year but I hope we’ll still keep this tradition going even with all the changes.

We have more family coming in town this weekend.  I’m so excited to see those little Bastians!  We haven’t met Sydney yet (born this Spring) and I can’t wait to ask Audrey to dance (which is hilarious).    We also have a Grover family reunion.  Now that I’m listing all those things I’m realizing we are going to be busy!  More on all of this later.

Katelyn's stylin' mullet - business in front, party in the back!

Katelyn's stylin' mullet - business in front, party in the back!