The Joys of Growing Up

Posted by Thomas May 8th, 2012

Jacob recently visited the ocean (Pacific) for the first time. He couldn’t stop giggling with delight as the waves chased – and sometimes caught – him.

Jacob and Erin get to spend a lot of time together. Recently, they had the following conversation:
Jacob: “Mom, don’t drive. Dad’s gonna drive.”
Erin: “Okay, we’ll let Dad drive. He’s a good driver.”
Jacob: “Dad is a CRAZY driver.”

Jacob is also a great older brother to Elle. He calls her names such as “Ellsers, “Elsie,” and “Elsie Bells.” He includes her (most of the time) when he builds a fort out of the sofa cushions, or when he is wrestling with Dad.

Inquisitive, logical, thoughtful and serious, Jacob naturally and quickly figures things out. We are frequently surprised to hear the mature thoughts and sentences that he shares with us. With his large vocabulary and physical size, you would think he’s older than two-and-a-half years.

Describe Jacob in two words? Precocious and fun.